Learning How to Paint a House Foundation

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Not only is the house facade that needs to be repainted periodically. Although the house’s foundations must receive the same care. An unkempt house foundation not only gives the house a dull appearance, it also helps in the long run to increase the risk of severe frost damage and thus also considerably more expensive repairs.

This type of painting job does not differ so much from another painting which means the groundwork is the most important and time consuming task. Concrete Base prepares you rarely any major worries. If there is a crack, you should of course putty again damage the concrete trowel. Once the repair has dried, simply brush the painting surface and colouring of paint. Have concrete plinth been painted before, you should remove all loose paint.

If you have a plastered house foundation, you should generally expect a more extensive preparation. For the paint to get a good grip, it is important that you brush away any loose plaster from the painting surface. Sitting plaster so loose that you can easily scrape it off with your fingernail, you should knock down the plaster altogether. Do you paint on a bad plaster, you risk both paint and plaster later separation from the substrate.

Before you start painting, you should tap the polished surface, for example a hammer. Do you get a hollow sound, and you can knock off the plaster with no problems, knock it off until the plaster is not separation from the substrate longer and polish up the hole. The hollow sound testify namely that there is air between stucco and foundation and such documentation is not for painting.

Colour to use to the exterior must have special properties. The paint coating to protect against rain and moisture coming from the outside, while the paint layer must pass the moisture coming from inside the house.

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If you want to paint on new plaster or concrete, it is important that the practice has cured and dried properly. If the base is not got enough dry time before painting, attach the colour bad. It can sometimes be difficult for a layman to judge when the surface is ready for painting. If you are unsure, it may be a good idea to consult with a professional.

There are colours that are directly adapted for the foundation, but you can also choose other outdoor colours that are suitable for this material. Do not let the colour of the foundation to dominate. A good rule of thumb when choosing colours is to always choose a darker shade than the building’s facade.


When you are going to paint the house foundation, it is very important that you do a careful driver. If you paint on a surface where the plaster will not adhere to the substrate or old, loose paint is left, penetrating moisture in and can cause severe frost damage.

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If you want to select absolutely straight lines with chalk and string, there is a special tool for this called chalk line. This is made of plastic or metal and can also be used as solder. There is a special container for chalk powder, which passes the string when pulling out of the selection. Chalk powder is available in the colours white, red and blue. The best tools when painting a house foundation is a front brush or a roller. The painting work is considerably faster and more efficient, and are consequently more enjoyable for the painter.

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With textured paint, you can give the socket a living surface. Structural Colour with reinforcing fibers are commercially available. If the surface previously painted with a lime colour, it is especially important that you almost get away limestone layers. Lime Paint does not have good adhesion and paint the top of such a surface, you risk that the new paint layer comes off completely.

What you need when you are going to repaint the house foundation:

Tools and materials you need when you are going to paint a house foundation


Putty (1) Wire brush (2) Brushes (3) Roles and trough (4) Brush and sponge (5) Garden Hose (6) Drill with copper wire brush (7) Regular brush (8) Walls Hammers (9) plaster board (10) Walls Ladle (11 ) bucket of mortar, ev (12) Spade (13)